The Copies Direct service assists you in ordering material directly from the National Library of Australia or from another library, copyright permitting.

See Copies Direct for further information about Copies Direct and answers to frequently asked questions.

Information required to supply your order

You will need to supply the following information to process your order quickly and accurately. If we are unable to adequately identify the item that you require, we will cancel your order and refer you to our Ask-A-Librarian service for assistance.

  • Item details: Title and other details describing the material you require. 
  • Copy details: Format, delivery method and other details from the options provided.
  • Declaration of use: State your intended use of the material. Either personal (research or study) or public use. You must complete your declaration and read and agree to the conditions before you can proceed
  • Your contact details: Your name, phone, email and postal address.
  • Payment details: Payment method and the Credit Card details if this option is selected. This information will not be used for any other purpose. See privacy information.

I’ve added an item to my cart—where did it go?

If you are unable to see material that you have added to your cart, you can open the Copies Direct cart in a new window.

The easiest way to keep track of your shopping cart is to bookmark the Copies Direct address. This enables easy access to your cart at any time during the ordering process.

Please ensure that you click on the ‘add to cart’ button so that material is added into your cart.

If you have returned to the Copies Direct cart from the bookmark in your browser and there are no items in your cart you will have either, completed the order and received an order number, or you may not have added the order to your cart and will need to complete the order for the material you require again.