If you are a registered reader, you can request items to read and photocopy in the reading rooms of the National Library of Australia.  

Registered readers can also search selected subscription databases via our eResources portal.

If you can't visit the Library, you can use the National Library's Copies Direct service to request copies and have them sent to you via mail or email. Please note there may be copyright restrictions when using this service.

You can also search Trove to find a library closer to you which has the item in their collection.

If there is no library near you with the item, you may be able to arrange an interlibrary loan through your local public or institutional library. Please ask staff at your local library for assistance with this.

The National Library of Australia provides access to or holds within its collections a wide range of resources and material relating to Australian companies.  These include:

  • company histories
  • directories
  • annual reports
  • biographies
  • interviews with prominent business men and women
  • ephemera

These resources may be current or historic and available in a variety of formats including online, printed, pictorial, manuscript or audio.

Using the catalogue

Quick search

Use the catalogue standard search to find titles, authors or subjects.

  • If you get too many results, use the Narrow search options (at the far right of the page) to display only those items you're interested in,
  • to see what you can view from home, use the link to 'NLA digital material' on the right of the results page,
  • if you need to widen your search, click on subject headings in an item's Catalogue record to find other material related to that subject.


Although you can't browse the Library's shelves in person, you can use the Catalogue to browse by title, author, subject or Dewey number.

To search for works about an individual company, select the Browse subjects option and enter the company’s name. Some examples are:

To search for general works about Australian companies, select the Browse alphabetically tab, then subjects.  Some examples are:

You can also search for specific types of companies:

The Library also holds a large collection of company annual reports.  These can also be known as 'Report to shareholders'. 'Annual review' or 'Summary review'.  You can find them in the Catalogue by selecting the Browse subjects option and entering the company's name.  Look for entries with the subheading 'Periodicals':

Industry specific directories can be found using the Browse subject option:

Tags: Companies

The Southern Cross catalogue 1950

The Southern Cross catalogue 1950 / Southern Cross Windmills & Engines Pty. Ltd
The Company [South Melbourne, Vic.] 1950

End of the main assembly line in Plant 1, General Motors-Holden's at Fishermen's Bend, Melbourne

General Motors-Holden's Limited. End of the main assembly line in Plant 1, General Motors-Holden's at Fishermen's Bend, Melbourne, Victoria [picture] / General Motor-Holden's photograph  1951

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